No more Granny Panty

Let's face it, most shapewear looks a bit bland something your granny would wear! It is not exactly the stuff you want to show your other half on date night, is it?
Not anymore, Amazonezz have gone and done it! They have actually made shapewear that looks like gorgeous underwear
Now it won’t turn you into a movie star but it will definitely make you feel like one.It will firm you up nicely and give you a much flatter tummy. And, more importantly, you won't be embarrassed to flash them to your other half either!

Amazonezz makes 3 ranges of incredibly beautiful shapewear. The body control suit and dress and then there is the high waisted panty.
Amazonezz shapewear is amazing. It is made from the most fabulous soft nylon fabric, with super tummy control. It will really help to firm you up and make your look much slimmer.
They all fit waist measurements 63 to 117 cm( sizes xs to xl )and come in the most gorgeous vivid prints.
 Annabelle Rebu

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